Zero Discrimination Day: 1 March 2023. The Wyrd Thing Podcast.

1 March: Zero Discrimination Day


Today is Zero Discrimination Day. Today we celebrate the right of everyone to live a full and productive life - and live it with dignity.

Today is Zero Discrimination Day. Today UNAIDS calls upon everyone to help eradicating discrimination in all forms, and to promote social inclusion and tolerance. Although every individual has the right to unconditionally live with dignity, still many people don’t enjoy the same level of privilege as some people.

In The Wyrd Thing podcast we have addressed reasons for exclusion and discrimination, also within our heathen communities. Sometimes this happens because of unfamiliarity or shyness to act. Sometimes this happens because people think it is ‘not this big a deal’ if some of your parts aren’t welcome at gatherings. Sometimes this happens because of pure discrimination.
In our podcasts we will continue to address the need for inclusivity and diversity, to support our heathen communities to become accessible to all heathens. And of course we will talk about how our communities could do that, because most people just lack knowledge.

Three tips for what you could do today – and all days:

  1. Celebrate diversity
    Start simple: celebrate all the wonderful people in your life! Enjoy their differences, as those make these people so beautiful and unique.
  2. Talk about it
    Talk with your friends, your neighbours, your co-workers, and others about discrimination. Do you or they maybe experience discrimination? Do you see discrimination in your community? Uncover what can be done to end it, with people from your community.
  3. One small act
    One small act can make an immense difference! Not everyone is at all times able to speak up for themselves. Nor should they, as being safe is a shared responsibility. That’s why it is important to speak up in situations where there is injustice. Be that invaluable ally!
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