Wyrd Thing?

The Wyrd Thing is a heathen podcast on inclusivity and diversity, made by a diverse group of heathens from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.


Our aim is to raise awareness for inclusivity and diversity in our communities and to the need to include all our members, irregardless their shapes, colours and tastes. Too often the voices of minorities are unheard by the majority, what inevitably leads to exclusion. While as a community we have a responsibility to be welcoming and enabling to all our members.

This podcast will discuss topics from multiple angles, often -but not always- with guests. We will invite people whose voices may not always be heard. Our guests will tell about their experiences with being a heathen AND being a minority, for whatever reason(s). Not all of our guests will be part of some minority themselves. Other guests may have interesting things or relevant information to tell as well. We will show how small changes often can make the world of a difference.

This podcast is about respect for each other, unconditionally. We hope people will feel welcome and safe to bring themselves with all of their parts, no matter what these are.


The Old English word ‘wyrd’ is roughly corresponding to fate or personal destiny. It’s cognate to the Old Norse word ‘urðr’, which became the name Urd, one of the three Norns.

Through the centuries the word ‘wyrd’ turned into ‘weird’, and the meaning moved from ‘fate or personal destiny’ to ‘strange’. The pronunciation of both words is the same.

We couldn’t resist this play of words, as many of us are perceived ‘weird’ by the majority. While all people are bound by their personal destiny.


A ‘thing’ was an assembly or meeting in early Germanic society, analogous to the Anglo-Saxon folkmoot. The word ‘thing’ in this meaning is still in use, often in a modern context, especially within Germanic Heathenry.

Here too is a play of words. Sometimes we are being called ‘thing’ by people to insult us or to show their disgust about us. So, we now proudly adopt this term as our nickname. On the other hand we consider our podcast to be a (virtual) place of meeting as well.

Linden tree [by Peggychoucair] - purely decorative


The Wyrd Thing is also a Thing, which to us means that the concept of frith applies permanently. A Thing is meant to solve issues. Originally mainly legally. So it’s not about avoiding controversies. But to have a framework to settle them in a civilized matter, keeping the weapons and hostilities out of it.


Our logo incorporates a few different ideas: the inner diamond is a variant on the rune shape of Ing, the rune of new beginnings. The outer circle is a shape which allows all points to have equal space. Put together and the design is one which shows a square peg fitting into a round hole, the idea of being in a minority and feeling forced to confirm into society.