About Us

Meet the team behind The Wyrd Thing!


Frigga is a germanic heathen, founder of the Flame of Frith (2014), co-founder of blotgroup Het Rad (1997), earth activist, painter, writer and ritual facilitator. She is also known for her power- and soul songs. Since 1994 multiple physical disorders lead to (invisible) disability and incapacity for work.


Jens discovered in 2011 that he is a heathen. He was steward for the Eldaring in Hamburg for a few years but stopped that when he moved in with his new partner near Cologne in 2019.


Jochem is a Dutch queer & disability activist, who combines his experiences in the trans and disability worlds. Being part of several minorities he lives intersectionality on a daily basis. To him it is important that anyone who would like to participate, is able to do so. That is often much easier done than most expect.
Jochem is a pagan who doesn’t follow a specific path.


Rich is Chair of Asatru UK and Media & Publications Officer for the Pagan Federation and a member of Northumbria Kith.


Suzanne is a queer inclusive heathen living in North Derbyshire, UK with her wife, Kate. She has been heathen for over 20 years, giving talks and teaching on aspects of inclusive heathenry, heathen ethics and oracular rune use. Suzanne is Gytha for Chesterfield Heathens, an inaugural member of the Chesterfield Interfaith Forum and holds a Masters in European Historical Archaeology. In December 2016, Suzanne and Kate began their own podcast, Frithcast, which has been releasing queer geek heathen episodes fortnightly ever since.


With special thanks to Craig, for recording our episodes.

Elephant (by Ben Kerckx) - purely decorative