International Migrants Day: 18 December 2023. Act today!

18 December: International Migrants Day


“On International Migrants Day, we highlight the urgent need for safe migration governance rooted in solidarity, partnership and respect for human rights." - UN Secretary-General António Guterres

On International Migrants Day, we reflect on and celebrate the contributions of millions of migrants worldwide.

Many people move to another country, temporarily or permanently, for all kinds of reasons. In political debates and the media is spoken mostly about refugees, and often in the context of how to keep as many as possible outside our countries. We should change our attitude towards refugees and instead support them, as refugees are forced to flee from their countries and leave their homes, families and everything behind. Simply because war, prosecution and other circumstances threaten their lives.

However, the vast majority of people migrate for entirely other reasons. They move to another country, because of their education, a job offer, health reasons or retirement.

One thing all migrants have in common is: they bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill. These may not yet be present in their new countries. Or migrants bring these with a new twist, amongst other reason for cultural reasons. Instead of being reluctant to accept this new ideas, we should embrace this diversity! If managed well, this can boost sustainable development, prosperity and progress.

As heathens, we are proud of who we are, we realise the importance of honour and we have a well developed sense of community. Therefore, heathens are ideally suited to play a pioneering role when it comes to welcoming migrants into our heathen communities and our general societies. Every person can make a difference. Every person can be an agent of change. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your contribution is: every contribution matters.

What are you going do today to make (a) migrant(s) feel welcome?

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