World Environment Day: 5 June 2023. The Wyrd Thing Podcast.

5 June: World Environment Day


Today is World Environment Day. Join us in the global effort to #BeatPlasticPollution!

It‘s World Environment Day. The United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.

Heathens should not need to be encouraged in their awareness for our environment. I mean, whether you consider heathenry a „nature religion“ or not, I can‘t remember having met a person who considered themselves a heathen and didn‘t claim to be at least more aware about environment than the average citizen.
And even more so amongst inclusive heathens. Inclusiveness also means that you only take your fair share of what is there. It‘s not a funny birthday party if one child eats three quartes of the cake.

Beat plastic pollution

So having established that environmental awareness is essential for inclusive heathens, let‘s have a look at this years motto: Beat plastic pollution.

Who of us doesn‘t prefer natural materials to plastic? But in daily life, it‘s so convenient. Also, things are often complicated. Carrying beverages in plastic bottles instead of glass helps to decrease the carbon footprint of the transport.
So I don‘t need to tell anyone here to try to reduce their personal plastic consumption, and even less to take care that is doesn‘t end up as pollution. But be aware, accidents happen and the more plastic we use, the more ends up as pollution, no matter how well we try.

Circular Economy

So let‘s have a look at the bigger picture: What is the way to substantially decrease plastic pollution and also decrease resource consumption in general? Circular Economy.
As simple as that, although tricky in the details. But hey, what could be more heathen? We also understand that time runs in circles, that everything is connected, that everything comes back in altered shape. So let‘s work on this together.

Let us be good ancestors and make this planet a better place for those who will follow us!

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