World Earth Day: 22 April 2024. Planet vs. Plastics. By The Wyrd Thing Podast

April 22: Earth Day


Today is Earthday: Planet vs. Plastic

April the 22nd is Earth Day. It was observed for the first time in 1970, two years before Ásatrúarfélagið was founded in Iceland. So compared to other modern traditions, it‘s quite a traditional one. But what should be it‘s importance for inclusive heathenry?

Heathenry comes in many flavours. We have no strict definition what makes someone a heathen. So I try to look at heathenry in its diversity by shortly examining the three main pillars of heathenry: Gods, Ancestors, Landwights or Spirits of the Land or The Little Folk.

The last one is the least well defined in my opinion, but it carries the most obvious connection the Earth. If we honour the Landwights, we should keep the Earth in mind which is their home and connects the different local Landwights into a strong global power.

If we look at the Ancestors, for inclusive heathens the topic of Earth should strongly remind us that all humanity shares a huge amount of their Ancestors. Ancestry doesn‘t stop a country borders. Earth is the common denominator of all Ancestors.

Venerating Ancestors should also mean the we are mindful not the be the end of a line but a connecting link in a chain. We should be good ancestors and leave this planet in a state which enables following generations a good life, too.

Focussing on Gods means for many focussing on the Nordic Gods. Having such a rich lore about them, it is very understandable. But did vikings care about Earth at all or is this just for New Agers and Gaia believers?

Well, the lore is rich and we just need to look at it:

So keep to the left on the road, until you find Verland;
There Fjörgynn will find Thor, her son,
And she will teach him the ways of kinsmen to Odin’s lands.“

— Snorri SturlusonHárbardsljód, 56, trans. J. Lindow, 2002.

Fjörgynn being no one else than Jörd, the giantess which is the personification of Earth. She is mother of Thor and also teacher of Thor. Earth could hardly be more central in the Nordic lore.

So from all the main angles to look at heathenry, Earth is a strong and important topic.

The motto of Earth Day 2024 is „Planet vs. Plastic“. We currently face multiple ecological crisises, the plastic flood definitely being one of them. So I recommend that we use this day to improve our efforts to help Earth in her struggle with plastic. Do a plastic free ritual for by yourself or join a local group near you. Clean up a spot where you live or educate yourself about how to reduce your plastic consumption – the options for solutions are as manyfold as the problem itself.

Hail Earth, Mother of Thor, Home of the Ancestors, Protector of Landwights.

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