International Day of Education: 24 January 2024. Learning for Lasting Peace. By The Wyrd Thing Podast

International Day of Education: 24th January


International Day of Education: Learning for lasting peace

Education is a right and a responsibility. Here at The Wyrd Thing, we look to help raise awareness of issues and topics in inclusive heathenry, with a larger goal of promoting understanding and growing frith between different approaches, values and life experiences. Education is at the heart of that, we support the right of everyone to access an education. Education is enshrined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in that countries must provide free and compulsory elementary level education, with higher education being accessible to all.

The UN website says it better than we ever could: “Without inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all, countries will not succeed in achieving gender equality and breaking the cycle of poverty that is leaving millions of children, youth and adults behind.”

You can read more, here.

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